NØRDIKA – a modern and contemporary shopping valley in southern part of Vilnius, next to Vilnius Airport.

General information

  • Area of the shopping centre: ~38.000 m²
  • Car park: 1,200 spaces
  • Number of tenants: ~60

Attraction operators

  • Rimi hypermarket;
  • One of the most modern shops of building materials and household goods in Lithuania Senukai;
  • One of the biggest children’s goods and toys shops in Lithuania Baby city/Toy city;
  • Household, leisure and gourmet goods store Krinona;
  • Household appliances and electronics shop Elektromarkt;
  • – a shop of the British sports retail chain;
  • Jysk – a shop of the home goods retail chain of Scandinavian origin;
  • Professional beauty store Cascada;
  • Smart devices shop Garmin;
  • Shop, clinic and care salon for pets PetCity;
  • International McDonald’s restaurant and McDrive zone open 24/7, also McCafe;
  • Peri Peri, Čili pica and Sushi Sushi restaurants.


NØRDIKA shopping valley is located in southern part of Vilnius, next to one of the most important Vilnius transport arteria Southern Bypass and IKEA shop. This location is attractive for being close to the centre; it can be accessed quickly from nearly any place in the city. It allowed to avoid one of the main shopping problems in the capital city – useless waste of time in traffic jams, when going to and from shopping centres. Once the Western and Southern bypasses were constructed, southern part of the city became even more attractive. In September 2015, the part of the 1st stage of NØRDIKA shopping valley was opened, while in May 2016, the remaining part of the 2nd stage was opened. According to the estimations, the area from which NØRDIKA can be reached in 5–10 minutes has about 200,000 inhabitants. Once Western bypass was constructed, NØRDIKA and southern part of Vilnius can be reached from Fabijoniškės, Justiniškės, Karoliniškės, Lazdynai in approximately 10–15 minutes. Supply of quality and exclusive goods for home, kitchen, sports and leisure, beauty, toys and clothes for children and Lithuanian designers clothes for addults, jewelry and pet goods, veterinary clinic, and of course, food and liquor products. That’s why shopping process is concentrated here, we do our best to help buyers to save their time.

To ensure the best comfort for buyers, NØRDIKA was designed as a contemporary, modern and spacious space, while it can be easily and quickly walked around, the shopping centre is situated in a one-floor building.